Weathering the Storm with Pope Francis

Weathering the Storm with Pope Francis

Can you see it? Can you hear it? A mighty storm’s a blowin’ all right – all around us. Without God, the SHELTER of shelters, we’d be lost at sea. Any storm can become frightening, yet this Storm is like no other in salvation history. We, humanity, have caused it as too many have turned their backs on God and all of us have sinned. In the words of Pope Francis, “No one is blameless but the Lord.”

From the time of first entering into the Covenant with God, we have strayed, again and again, into unfaithfulness. God, who is always faithful, has reached for His children in every age and every time to offer us a way back to Him. Our God, our Rock, our Refuge, our Sanctuary Sure has a Plan, according to Charlie Johnston, a Plan to rescue us as we navigate these warped and wild waters born of human disobedience.

My heart, moved by those who are frightened, calls upon the Holy Spirit, seeking His inspiration to share encouragement for all who may find a touch of human shelter here.

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  1. Hello, Beckita, I’m hoping that you continue to give us all more of your insight into the coming storm. I’ve recently (and very fortunately) stumbled upon Charlie’s site and also have seen some references that you might live in Montana, like me (I’m in Butte). I will subscribe to your site, too so I’m notified of updates.

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    • Hi Brandon, I’ll be happy to share more. I’ve been battling a bug so have neglected my time here and hope to be more consistent soon. Honestly, the greatest insight you can find is right on Charlie’s site. Primo insight. I highly recommend reading the archived major posts. In addition, the accompanying comments are valuable.
      God’s Blessings!


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